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Living Picture Aquarium Maintenance Kit

Our maintenance kit includes all the main items you may need to keep your Living Picture Aquarium looking great - with the minimum of effort !





  • Fantastic 'Algae Magnet' for cleaning the front glass.

  • Two sided Cleaner and Planter tool - perfect for Living Pictures.

  • Tetra Min fish food - the best food for your fish.

  • Aquasafe - A few drops in your tap water makes it instantly safe for aquariums.

  • White Nylon Fish Net - specially selected for Living Picture Aquariums.

  • Packet of Background Stickers - enables you to change background picture in the future.

  • Prime Gravel Cleaner Syphon Kit -  for easy Aquarium cleaning.

  • Aquarium Book - Guide to keeping Tropical Fish ( not shown ).

  • Feeder Blocks for your fish - when you go away for a few days.

          Please note that the brand names of these items may change.



      Price  37.00